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Report and Information Search

UNSW Planning & Performance

UNSW Planning and Performance is the business owner of the enterprise data warehouse, Info Hub, and Enterprise Data and Information Governance. Its role is to improve the University’s performance in key areas of business intelligence and planning based on reliable and robust data and to build processes that support continuous improvement and develop uniform, responsive and effective operating models and information systems.

UNSW Planning and Performance provides management reports, business intelligence, analysis and strategic advice based on the data to multiple stakeholders across the University; and reports to the Australian Government and other statutory bodies.

UNSW Planning and Performance was established in February 2017. The office incorporates two former units: Business Reporting & Intelligence, & Data Governance (BRIDG) and OneUNSW. 

Please note:

Prior signoff is required from UNSW Planning and Performance if you intend to share any of the following data outside of UNSW:

  • any data about UNSW staff or students
  • any other data you have sourced from UNSW Planning and Performance systems

You will also require authorisation from the data executive responsible for the data you wish to share, and may require Media Office signoff as well.

Please note that a number of InfoHub reports were created for specific internal purposes only, and may use definitions and business rules that differ from official UNSW externally reported data.